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Apple App Store prices rise in UK, India and Turkey

Apple decided to raise the price for its Apps in India, United Kingdom, and Turkey. The price of UK will numerically match with the United States like an application that costs $0.99 will now be 99p. The previous currency conversion was 79p so it represents 25% rise over than before.
It states, "Price tiers on the App Store are set internationally on the basis of several factors, including currency exchange rates, business practices, taxes, and the cost of doing business,". We also remember that "These factors vary from region to region and over time."
App purchase process will be affected by the price rise but the subscription charges are out of this matter.
For Android, whether it had plans to change prices on its Play Store, Google’s spokesperson was unable to give any statement about it.
Choice of Publisher
In the month September Apple had already adjusted the costs for the UK of its iPhones and iPads. After that in October, they also adjusted this of Mac computers by a similar degree.
After the Brexit vote month’s maximum tech companies announced price rises in the United Kingdom and it is eventually linked to falling in sterling’s value. The firms are like Dell, Tesla, Microsoft, and HP.
Apple is introducing new low-cost tiers to reduce the impact of the recent increase. So now publishers will be able to impose users 49p or 79p for every purchase but to do so they will have to re-price their goods first.
An app consultant and developer of Music Tracker among other software Ben Dodson stated: "I don't think many publishers will respond to that change". "It's just throwing money away and there's no reason to give people in the UK a discount."I won't be discounting my own apps."
Now, $1 represent at the market for 82p. Apple includes the 20% VAT sales tax to the price estimated by Apple in UK version for its store. The United Sates sales taxes are not directly incorporated in advertised costs but that are added at the edge of sale.
The IHS Technology consultancy Ian Fogg said, "It was certainly inevitable that Apple would change the price point for apps in the App Store to reflect currency changes,". He also added, "But this is a normal part of the way the story works because it does not have dynamically changing prices that would change gradually."
The expense of a $0.99 app will certainly end up being 80 rupees in India, standing for a 33% rise from the previous rate of 60 rupees. In Turkey, it will change from 2.69 to 3.49 lira, which is a gain of 30%. The information website 9to5Mac was the first to report about this development. It said the modification would happen over the next 7 days.
Apple has actually likewise changed the cost of apps in Romania and also Russia to appraise regional modifications to VAT made at the beginning of the year.

The Steps to Download Snaptube for Windows PC

As the popularity of watching online contents have risen in the last few years, a video downloading application is a must have an application on our smartphones. And if we talk about the video streaming applications, the first name which strikes in our head is of SnapTube. This particular application is famous for downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other such apps. Here we will discuss in this article the process of downloading Snaptube for Windows PC. But, before that, take a look at the features.

Snaptube Features: The reasons you should download the application

    SnapTube got multiple search options that include 11 subcategories.

    Videos are categorized on various grounds like the most views, most liked, and there is a daily recommended videos section too.

    You can also download and save videos in various resolutions and sizes to your computer using this app.

    You can also download just the audio of a video too. There are various audio formats like MP3 and M4A in which you can download your audio files.

    SnapTube makes it easier to search and download the files from almost every website.

    With the name of the artist or the name of the song or video in the search-box, SnapTube will get you all the search results at one place.

    It is free from all those annoying ads.
Snaptube for Windows

How to Download Snaptube for PC

SnapTube is available for only Android devices, but you can use an Android Emulator so that you can run Android Apps on Mac flawlessly. We recommend you to download BlueStacks Player for PC. BlueStacks Player helps you running SnapTube apk for PC. Go through the steps below to install SnapTube for PC

First of all, download an Android Emulator so that you can run Android Apps on PC. Download and install BlueStacks.

Then download SnapTube Apk. The download process will start instantly after you press the button.

Next, run the SnapTube Apk by pressing the right click and by choosing ‘Open with BlueStacks APK Installer‘. BlueStacks will automatically get installed the Snaptube apk installer. Wait a few minutes until the SnapTube logo appears in the home.

After that, tap on the Snaptube for PC icon to start download video on YouTube or other sites. Now you are ready to download YouTube video using SnapTube from PC.

Wrap up

Snaptube is a great app to get all the needed movies and audios at any moment of your desire. So just download Snaptube for Windows PC and boost your entertainment desire on a daily basis.