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Top 5 ShowBox Alternatives That You Can Use


ShowBox has come up with a new dimension in the field of entertainment. It helps you to watch movies and other shows and television series on your mobile in the easiest manner possible. It is available on Android, BlackBerry, PC and iOS. But apart from it, there are a number of apps that works as alternatives of ShowBox. Here we have discussed five among the best in this genre and hope those who are finding some problem in getting the benefits of ShowBox App, will be beneficial with some of them.

Take a look:

Netflix: Netflix is widely popular for providing quality entertainment. It is because the service has gone far beyond just a streaming app. It offers a number of brand new exclusive shows that you will find here first. And considering the kind of star power it is gaining by the day, it is best to get introduced to this channel if you wish to stay updated on your regular fill of world-class entertainment. But we have to remember that it is a paid service,

PlayBox: PlayBox is a popular alternative for ShowBox, as this app offers very similar services absolutely free. The users can get their favorite movies and television shows, including all the latest ones, with the help of this app. What is more important that PlayBox can run seamlessly on different platforms, so the users can watch all that they want on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, absolutely hassle free.

Hulu: Another paid service on the block is Hulu, and this app too hardly discourages the fans from subscribing to this application. As Netflix, Hulu is owned by some of the heavyweights in showbiz and as a result they are dedicated to bring the best of television and entertainment to their users. The best part is Hulu usable even in less efficient internet connections as well, that also supports Chromecast to stream whatever you like directly to a screen of your choice.

Kodi: Kodi is another open source media player service that has gained a lot of attention from users in recent times, not only because of the convenience it offers but also for its versatility. Kodi offers a number of privileges. It helps in storing your searches in memory and shaping the recommendations based on them and helps in subtitle download, automatically. However, what makes Kodi truly a great entertainment app is that it can be used in various operative systems across a wide range of platforms, like Mac, Linux, Windows and iOS.

Crackle: Crackle is a truly a great app which allows you to stream and watch any of your favorite television shows and everything of this app is absolutely free. There are no download charges even. it updates its services on a regular basis to ensure you get the latest content from across a large number of options. Crackle offers to the privilege to operate across multiple platforms like Android and PC, and Chromecast support to ensure that the users can view on a connected device of your choice.

So download any of them as your mobile or better say the operating system prefers and enjoy the seamless entertainment!